BURINTEKH, Ltd - primary sponsor of Technical events centre named after G.Kadyrov

«Technical events centre named after G.Kadyrov» — was created in 2000 and now is the leader in ice motorcycle racing both in Russia and abroad. Sportsmen of this Center confidently win in European and world championships. Leading sportsmen of Center are sixfold world champion in individual classification and sevenfold in team classification Nikolay Krasnikov and world champion, four fold Europe champion, multiple Russian champion in team racing Dmitry Bulankin.

On Saturday, 8th of January, on Stroitel stadium began the final 51st individual Russian championship for ice motorcycle racing. During two weeks passed 40 racings in which 18 strongest racers from Russia and worldwide bid for medals and first eight places. Medals will allows sportsmen to enter their names in historical table of championship and also acquire right to represent our country on team world championship. Places from first to eighth give permit to individual world championship that is why Russian championship final can be called as Russian final of world championship.

Among 18 finalists 0f 2011 seven racers represented Bashkortostan: the defending champion of Russia and world Nikolay Krasnikov, ex-champion of the world, Europe and Russia Dmitry Bulankin, one of the strongest juniors of country Dmitry Koltakov and vice champion of Europe Sergey Baltachev (all of them from Technical events centre named after G. Kadyrov), and also three representatives from Sterlitamak motorcycle club «Kaustik»: Igor Kononov, defending champion of Europe Andrey Shishegov and Michael Bogdanov.

At the result of 51st individual championship of Russia four fold champion of Russia Nikolay Krasnikov became silver medalist in 500 cu cm class. He was outrun by racer from Togliatti club «Mega-lada» Dmitry Khomitzevich falling back to Ufa racer in parallel events on both days of competition. For the owners of ice everything was determined by unfortunately formed for Krasnikov 22nd race in which he was not able to outstrip Sergey Makarov («Moscow region») and Igor kononov («Kaustik»). Both races who kept places in first eight Krasnikov won the second day.

Notwithstanding relative misfortune the main task was achieved: he obtained the right to participate in individual and team events of world championship. As well as in last year Igor Kononov and Dmitry Bulankin also will take part in individual world championship.

Wish success to our sportsmen on elimination competitions of world championship!


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