Successful application of water shut-off technology

In October 2008 joint works of LLC «Gazprom Dobycha Orenburg» and «BURINTEKH», Ltd on implementation of new water shut-off technology were successfully conducted.

The well 3054 of Orenburg oil and gas condensate field since 1998 was transferred to control stock because of drowning P1-P3 of sakmar suite and because of behind-the-casing inflow to gas discharging bed.
In the process of workover were made the following operations:

  • 139.7 mm casing section milling with expandable mill FKR-140 in interval (1 710-1 714.3m);
  • Hole enlargement with underreamer RR-115/226 in milled interval;
  • Placement of cement plug in above said interval adding expansion chemical agents.

After workover operations with the use of above described technology the well 3054 of Orenburg oil and gas condensate field was put in with water-free production rate 96 thousands cubic meters per day against production rate before transfer to control stock 1 thousand cubic meters per day.

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