IV Scientific and Practical Conference «INNOVATIONS AND EFFICIENCY: development of drilling and workover operations technologies»

On September 18 the annual Scientific and Practical Conference organized by «BURINTEKH», Ltd took place in Ufa. Representatives of Russian and foreign companies took part in the conference.

During the conference the next representations were listened to:
«Comparative analysis of using Bits in conditions of Orenburg Drilling Company, LLC»
Orenburg Drilling Company, LLC
Deputy Head of Technology, Pavel Archibasov;

«The application of rock destruction tools while drilling deep and ultra deep wells»
Chief Engineer, Efim Oksenoid;

«Stages of PDC bits implementation in Surgut Drilling Department-2»
OJSC Surgutneftegaz
Deputy Chief Technologist of Surgut Drilling Department-2, Igor Bagrarev;

«Innovations in Cementing and Workover operations»
«BurGeoService», Ltd
General Director, Vladimir Samsonenko;

«Coiled tubing technologies of workover operations»
Coiled Tubing Service, LLC
General Director, Almas Khamidullin;

«The application of nanotechnological methods for drilling fluid parameters managing»
Head of Well Cementing and Completion Laboratory, Zarif Sharafutdinov;

«Experience in bits selection for Karaduk field conditions in Kazakhstan»
Project Manager of Marketing and Production Development Department, Dmitry Palamarchuk;

«Inhibiting ability of aqueous solutions of salts»
Laboratory Engineer of Drlling Fluids Department, Alexey Khristenko;

«High-tech drilling fluid «SKIF» of «BURINTEKH», Ltd.»
Laboratory Engineer of Drlling Fluids Department, Alexey Khristenko;

«Perspectives of PDC Bits application for drilling medium hard and hard formations»
Design Engineer, Artur Sharipov;

«Design and application of coring equipment of «BURINTEKH», Ltd.»
Head of DTDC Sector, Sergei Golovkin;

«Time reduction of well construction utilizing special tools»
Design Engineer, Denis Ignatev;

«Experience in production and runnig jars of «BURINTEKH», Ltd.»
Design Engineer, Samat Vagapov.

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