BURINTEKH, Ltd produced roller-cone hole opener BIT HO 914 ZW1

BURINTEKH, Ltd produced roller-cone hole opener BIT HO 914 ZW1 unique one-of-a-kind tool designed fir reaming wellbore from 558mm to 914mm diameter with simultaneous drilling using 558-660,4mm roller-cone bits.

During development specialists of roller-cone bits design department equipped hole opener with the latest special design developments, adopted from the experience in the production of roller-cone bits. In particular, a specially developed cutting structure was used together with a special shape of the teeth on cones, which are reinforced with special carbide. The design of the roller bearing, which was able to withstand maximum loads at a high rotation speed, as well as an optimized flushing system, allowing timely cleaning hole opener cones and the bottom hole zone were specially selected.

The main advantage of the hole opener over the blade designs is a fundamentally different method of influencing the rock, due to which, during its operation, significantly smaller torques arise during rotation of the drilling tool.

This hole opener can be used in offshore fields for conductor drilling - the first section of the well, which serves for preventing cavings, rocks washout by circulating mud. The length of conductor interval ranges from several meters to hundreds of meters, depending on the rock section and drilling conditions.

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