BURINTEKH, Ltd represents the novelty

BURINTEKH, Ltd represents new tool: reaming drillable system for casing running BIT-RZD 178. System is designed for improving casing running efficiency to target depth by means of reaming wellbore. System has 3 modes of operation: tripping and autofill, switching on drive and reaming, fixation and drilling out. Principle of operation lies in using PDM as power drive.

Reaming drillable system BIT-RZD 178 has following features:

  • facilitates casing running to target depth;
  • no need to rotate string;
  • high torque while reaming;
  • reliable rotation fixation mechanism allows easily drilling out system after cementing;
  • Internal part of the system consists of polymer easy drillable materials;
  • Equipped with autofill system.
  • Reinforced with PDC cutters and carbide.

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