BURINTEKH, Ltd represents the novelty

BURINTEKH, Ltd represents new tool: reaming non-drillable system BIT-DOC 106 which is actuated by mud flow. By reaming tight spots maximum effectiveness of casing running is achieved. Availability of pressure release unit excludes excess torques in casing.

Reaming non-drillable system BIT-DOC 106 has following features:

  • Tight spots reaming releasing from drag downs;
  • No need to rotate string;
  • Stable torque up to 600 N*m;
  • Orientation and protection of casing;
  • Ability to exclude wiper trips;
  • Absence of pressure jumps in system;
  • Casing protection from excess torque by means of pressure release unit;
  • Cementing though pressure release unit.

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