BURINTEKH, Ltd represents the novelty

BURINTEKH, Ltd represents new tool: bit for drilling in rocks of 2-5 category of hardness BIT 295,3 BT 516 YCB.936-113. Aggressive cutting structure of new bit allows achieving high ROP and improved hydraulics together with vortex nozzles promotes better rock destruction, more qualitative cuttings transportation and reduce balling probability.

Bit BIT 295,3 BT 516 YCB.936-113 has following features:

  • Hydraulics optimization. Hydraulics resistance calculation using bottomhole emulating allows as accurately as possible predicting flow circulation.
  • Bit profile. New principles of cutting structure balancing help achieving ROP increase.
  • Body geometry. Special body geometry increases cuttings transportation at high ROP due to increasing junk slot area.

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