Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan / OGT 2012

«BURINTEKH», Ltd took part in international show «Oil and gas of Turkmenistan» / OGT 2012 which took place from 14 to 16 of November in national exhibition center of Turkmenistan «Sergi Kosgi».

Exhibition was represented by more than 125 exhibitors from 22 countries and among of which about 20 were Russian companies. Among foreign companies were USA exhibitors, Japanese, Turkey, China, Republic of Korea and Kazakhstan.

Event organizers were Ministry of oil and gas industry and mineral resources of Turkmenistan, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan and other companies.

«BURINTEKH», Ltd presented modern technologies in order to improve mutually beneficial co-operation for developing existing and perspective projects.

There were held meetings with managers of state concerns in fuel and energy industry of Turkmenistan such as «Turkmenneft», «Turkmengaz», «Turkmengeology» and others. At the head of government delegation the «BURINTEKH», Ltd booth was visited by vice-chairman of Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan B. G. Khodgamukhammedov and was acquainted with represented production and services and with cooperation in Turkmennistan with «Turkmenneft» as a result of which Vice prime minister offered to expand horizon and consider abilities of cooperation with other state concerns - «Turkmengeology» and «Turkmengaz». With chairman of «Turkmenneft» Deryaev A. were discussed the results of work done and abilities of further mutual cooperation. Also were held meetings with representatives of private companies as successfully represented on Turkmenistan market (Petronas, ENI, Dragon Oil, Itera, RWE), so with those who plans to open active activities in near future (Exxon Mobil, Total and others).

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