Best company in group Bit support 2015
01.12.2015 11:08:00

Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation within the conference Oil and gas service in Russia which took place on 14th of October 2015, made the survey of consumers of services in oil and gas sector for detecting the best service company.

Contractors evaluation was made by means of surveying major consumers based on interaction history. 46 companies took part in this survey.

Subsequent to the results of survey BURINTEKH, Ltd Company was declared as the best company in group Bit support. Besides BURINTEKH, Ltd became the award winning company in group Muds support came-off second-best. We receive such high grades not the first year thus confirming the status of one of the major and highly professional oilfield services companies in the country.

Thanks to our Customers for recognition as leader in the market.

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