Sports achievements of “BURINTEKH”, Ltd employees

Climbing Kazbek from Russia is considered one of the most difficult, but the advantage of the northern route lies in the incredibly beautiful, unique and pristine nature of North Ossetia. It is worth reminding that last year Mikhail climbed the highest point in Europe - Elbrus (5642 m).

At the same time Katkov Mikhail entered the top 10 athletes in X-WATERS - an international series of swims taking place this year on Lake Turgoyak and 5th place in the second stage of the competition on Lake Bannoe.

The company wishes the athletes good health, courage and the conquest of even greater peaks and distances.

  • Ufa State Petroleum Technological University is 75 years old!

    “BURINTEKH”, Ltd outfitted two laboratories for university students in honor of the anniversary

  • Introductory tour for Ufa State Petroleum Technological University students from Egypt

    Future specialists in the oil and gas industry got acquainted with “BURINTEKH”, Ltd tri-cone bits production