«BURINTEKH», Scientific and production enterprise - the name familiar to all who works inoil, gas and mining wellsdrilling and workover operations. We are responsible for the products we create and care about the way we succeed. The main resource of the Enterprise - our employees, and our successes - first of all, the successes of the employees.

Professional. Namely by this word today we can characterize each employee of the company. They face difficult, but interesting challenges which are important for the further development of the company. And there is great opportunity for professional, career and personal growth while solving the challenges.

The work of each employee in the BURINTEKH brings happiness and is deservedly appreciated. Due to cooperative atmosphere and mutual support, we create products that allow us to be proud of our work. Each employee can rely on help and support from colleagues and management.

We are always glad to see people in our team who can solve extraordinary tasks, manage changes and achieve results. We value such qualities as initiativeness, educability, commitment to professional development and result orientation.

In response, the Enterprise tends to make employees feel stability and protection by decent working conditions and social package.

All your sent CV are viewed by departments representatives who are responsible for recruiting staff. You may check out our current job openings (in Russian) and submit your CV online or just email it to the following address: